Batbileg’s manager presents videos on his artwork at the 28th International Queen Fan Convention in the UK

Batbileg’s Manager Unurmaa Janchiv gave presentation on Batbileg’s artwork “The Magnificent Years”, which is now being hosted by the Dominion Theatre in London since October 2011, at the 28th International Queen Fan Convention in Great Yarmouth, UK, which took place between 19-22 April 2013.

Among the guest speakers, there were Jacky Smith of the Queen International Fan Club, Former PA to Freddie Mercury Peter Freestone and all those wonderful people who are connected to Queen and their music, including Rhys Thomas, Jamie Moses, Doug Puddifoot and performers including the amazing Natalia Poznova and the tribute bands “The Bohemians” and “Kinds of Magic”, who were superb! We must mention Queen Mime, Q-Factor, the fancy dress and tattoo competitions, which were hilarious, but fun fun fun!!! …

The Queen fans were again so warm and we had fantastic time there near the beach town of Great Yarmouth. Of course there were many those who fell in love with Batbileg’s artwork dedicated to life and music of Queen at his first display during the 25th International Queen Fan Convention in the same venue in 2010. The artist and Miss Unurmaa had then both met many of the delegates including Jacky Smith of the Queen International Fan Club, Former PA to Freddie Mercury Peter Freestone, Freddie’s sister Kashmir Cooke and her husband Roger Cooke and many more.

We managed to raise some funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust and gave our small donation to the wonderful Maureen Barclay of the Mercury Phoenix Trust. Thanks to everyone who bought prints of Batbileg’s amazing painting and we hope to hear from you more often!

Thanks again to the amazing Jacky, who invited Unurmaa to speak at the Convention and everyone who has been helpful throughout the event! See you in 2014 at the next Convention!

As you know, many fans have been asking about prints and finally you are now able to purchase signed and unsigned cards, photo prints an prints on canvas of the “Magnificent Years”. 5% of each sale goes to the Mercury Phoenix Trust.

Lots of love from
Batbileg & Unurmaa

Here are some photos from the Convention by Aza. Please feel free to circulate, tag and share:

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Batbileg Darjaa is an Honorary Artist of Mongolia and a graduate of the Art College in Ulaanbaatar. He taught at the Art College before launching on his biggest project: Queen. A huge music fan himself, Batbileg Darjaa worked on “The Magnificent Years” (oil on canvas, dimension: 80x150cm each/320x150cm for four paintings), the series of four paintings, dedicated to “Queen” at the peak of their career, after working on the paintings for four and a half years. The painting is hosted by the Dominion Theatre in London at present. There are eight hand-woven tapestries and two sculptures named after their songs also. “The Magnificent Years” was hosted at the 25th International Queen Fan Convention in the UK in 2010, the Freddie Mercury Memorial Day celebration in Montreaux, Switzerland and the Dominion Theatre, celebrating Freddie Mercury’s birthday in support of fundraising for the Mercury Phoenix Trust in September 2011. As mentioned above, the paintings are now being hosted at the Dominion Theatre permanently for over one year.

Some fans may have already seen it, some may have not. Here is a short video for you to see how it is displayed at the Dominion Theatre.

In the next video, Batbileg talks about his experience of working on “The Magnificent Years”, which was inspired by the music of “Queen”. His tells his story of being a music fan in the early 90s in a socialist country before the democratic process took place in Mongolia and how hard he worked on his paintings to achieve his most ambitious plan to complete the full set of four paintings, now hosted by the Dominion Theatre in London, where We Will Rock You musical is staged six days a week for over 10 years. He goes on to say that his oriental background, combined with his professional training in western Modernist style of painting, helped him to tell a story about 40-years of the legendary rock band “Queen”.

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Монгол зураач Д. Батбилэгийн менежер Ж. Өнөрмаа 2013 оны 4 дүгээр сарын 19-22-ны өдрүүдэд Англи Улсын далайн эргийн Грэйт Ярмут хотод зохиогдсон Квийн хамтлагын олон улсын фенүүдийн 28-р конвенцид уригдан оролцож Д. Батбилэгийн уран бүтээл болох Лондон хотын Доминион театрт 2011 оны 10-р сараас эхлэн байнга тавигдаад буй “Гайхамшигийн он жилүүд” тосон будгийн зургийн цувралын тухай болон түүний уран бүтээлийн тухай танилцуулга хийлээ. Д. Батбилэг Квийн хамтлагт зориулсан уг зургийг оролцуулсан өөрийн уран бүтээлийн үзэсгэлэнг 2010 онд мөн дээрх хотноо болсон Квийн хамтлагын фенүүдийн 25-р конвенцийн үеэр гаргаж байв. Одоо Монгол улсдаа амьдарч, уран бүтээлээ туурвиж яваа Д. Батбилэг 2012 оны 12 дугаар сард “Та бэлэн үү?” хэмээх нэртэй дэлхийн поп рок хөгжмийн сэдэвт уран зураг, цуглуулгын үзэсгэлэнгээ Улаанбаатар хотноо хоёр долоо хоног гаргасан ба уг үзэсгэлэн нь 2013 оны 2 дугаар сараас эхлэн Эрдэнэт хотноо байнга дэлгэгдээд байгаа билээ.

Уг Конвенцид Фреди Меркюригийн туслах асан Питр Фрийстоун, Квийн хамтлагын олон улсын фенүүдийн клубын тэргүүн Жаки Смит, Квийн хамтлагын фото зурагчин асан Даг Падифүүт, Квийн хамтлагтай тоглож явсан, Брайн Мэйтэй тоглодог гитарчин Жэйми Моүзес, Фреди Меркюригийн тухай баримтат киноны продюсер Райс Томас, Квийн хамтлагын дууг найруулан төгөлдөр хуураар гайхамшигтай тоглодог Наталья Поснова зэрэг хүмүүс уригдан оролцож, дурсамжаасаа хуваалцлаа.

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