*  * * You can order prints and cards of amazing paintings! * * *

We are now taking orders for prints and cards. 

Contact to order via e-mail: 

You can now order prints and card of Batbileg’s amazing paintings! The artist will donate a percentage of all sales to the Mercury Phoenix Trust continously! So you have a chance of owning this magnificent piece and supporting the MPT at the same time! All rights reserved.

CANVAS PRINT on demand: £1500 (46 inches x 24 Inches/116.84cm x 60.96cm each separate print, which includes the full set of four prints on canvas ready to hang, Check, Set up, Print and Delivery in the UK; +postage for other countries)

PHOTO PRINT of FOUR paintings (118cm x 63.8 cm each separate print & 118cm  x 245.2cm for the set of four paintings):   £500 (+ postage fee within Europe;)

SIGNED CARD of FOUR paintings (32 x 75cm)£20 (+ postage fee within Europe;)

UNSIGNED CARD of FOUR paintings (32 x 75cm)£15 (+ postage fee within Europe;)

Contact here to buy!


2 Responses to Shop

  1. They are beautiful. It would be nice to be able to purchase a set of 4 cards, one for each painting.

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