“We Will Rock You” musical to close on 31 May 2014 / “We Will Rock You” мюзикл 2014-5-31нд хаагдана

We Will Rock You UK musical staged at Dominion Theatre is to close on Saturday 31st May 2014 after a victorious 12 year reign.
Co-creators Brian May, Roger Taylor and Ben Elton had this to say: “We want to thank every one of the many hundreds of incredible musical theatre artists, musicians and crew with whom we’ve had the privilege of working at the Dominion since 2002. And of course the incredible audiences who have rewarded them with over four and a half thousand standing ovations!”

Batbileg’s painting “The Magnificent Years” on Queen, hosted at the theatre, will come down in May 2014 in accordance with this. We had great time sharing this beautiful and creative artwork with millions of Queen fans for over the last two and half years since October 2011 and would like to thank the management of Queen, Dominion Theatre, Fan Club and the fans for their support and love. We will keep you updated on the next venue soon.

“Goodbye Everybody, We’ve Got To Go…” See you soon!
Их Британи улсын Лондон хотын төвд орших “Доминион” театрын тайзнаа 12 жилийн туршид амжилттай тавигдсан “We Will Rock You” мюзикл 2014-5-31-нд хаагдана.
Хамтран бүтээгчид болох Бен Елтон болон алдарт “Квийн” хамтлагийн гишүүд Браин Мэй, Рожер Тэйлор нар хэлэхдээ: “Бид 2002 оноос хойш “Доминион” театрт хамтран ажиллах боломж олгосон олон зуун гайхалтай авьяаслаг хөгжимт театрын уран бүтээлчид, хөгжимчид болон техникчдэд нэг бүрчлэн талархал илэрхийлэхийг хүсч байна. Мөн тэднийг халуун дотноор хүлээн авч, 4500 удаа хүндэтгэл үзүүлсэн гайхамшигтай үзэгчдэдээ бас баярлалаа!” гэжээ.

Үүнтэй холбоотойгоор тус театрт дэлгэгдсэн зураач Д. Батбилэгийн “Гайхамшигийн он жилүүд” уран зургийг мөн 2014 оны 5 дугаар сард буулгана. Энэхүү гайхамшигтай уран бүтээлийг 2011 оны 10 дугаар сараас хойш сүүлийн хоёр жил хагасын туршид “Квийн” хамтлагийн сая сая фенүүдэд толилуулан хуваалцсан сайхан мөчүүдийг бид нандигнан дурсах болно. “Квийн” хамтлаг, “Доминион” театрын менежмент, Фен клуб болон фенүүдэд биднийг халуун дулаан сэтгэлээр дэмждэгт баярлалаа. Дараачийн удаа хаана дэлгэгдэх тухай бид мэдээлж байх болно.

“Бүгдээрээ баяртай, салах цаг ирлээ…”  Удахгүй уулзацгаая!



Freddie Mercury’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Heads To Auction

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Jan 9, 2013
Freddie Mercury's 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow - image: Coys AuctionsFreddie Mercury’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow – image: Coys Auctions
Celebrity cars typically command a premium price over those owned by “ordinary” people, and there’s no denying that Freddie Mercury, the former lead singer for Queen, qualified for celebrity status.Though Mercury died in November of 1991, his music lives on along with his reputation for outlandish behavior. Surprisingly, one of the last cars owned by Mercury was an exercise in understated elegance.In 1979, Goose Productions Ltd., Mercury’s management company, purchased a 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for the singer’s personal use. The car was owned by Goose Productions and driven by Mercury until the star’s death in 1991. Mercury’s sister then borrowed the car from the estate and has maintained it since.The car was last used for the premier of the “We Will Rock You” musical in 2002, and it comes with an extensive service and history file. It’s got a current MoT, valid through February 2013, so the claims of “good to fine” condition seem legitimate.

Built in versions from 1965 to 1980, the Silver Shadow was the first Rolls-Royce to use a monocoque design, and it featured innovations like (needlessly complex) disc brakes and an independent rear suspension.

While early 1970s Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows aren’t exactly in high demand,Hagarty’s puts the value of a “Condition 2” car at $17,000, and that doesn’t account for celebrity ownership.

Coys Auctions, which will sell the car as part of this weekend’s Autosport International auction, projects a selling price between 9,000 – 11,000 pounds ($14,412 – $17,614). Assuming the car presents as described, we’d call that an impressive bargain for the right collector.

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