Happy birthday, Roger!

Happy birthday, Roger!

the-magnificent-years4Jacky Smith & Batbileg Darjaa


Happy 39th birthday to the Queen International Fan Club!

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Freddie Mercury’s sister Kash Cooke and her family visit the exhibition on Queen

Kash & Roger Cooke viewing the exhibition dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of Queen

On Monday 13 June, Freddie Mercury’s sister Kash Cooke visited our exhibition dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of Queen.

She came with her husband Roger Cooke and a friend and expressed her delight at exhibiting the paintings showing the success and history of the early years of Queen, with her beloved brother Freddie as a lead singer.

The exhibition is part of Mongolian artists artworks displayed at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development: www.ebrd.com                               www.embassyofmongolia.co.uk

For updated news on Queen, please visit the International Queen Fan Club website: http://www.queenworld.com/news.php

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EBRD hosts art from across the Gobi Desert

Claire Ricklefs          www.ebrd.com

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development’s London headquarters have been temporarily transformed by a colourful and diverse exhibition of contemporary works by Mongolian and international artists whose work is inspired by the rich culture and history of Mongolia.

The exhibition, which attracted distinguished members of the Mongolian community including the Mongolian ambassador toLondon, was officially opened on Wednesday 8 June to the spherical sounds of a traditional Mongolian fiddle player and a throat singer.

Welcoming staff and guests to the reception, EBRD’s First Vice President Varel Freeman commented on the extraordinary creativity and variety of art on display, which also reflected his personal impressions of the country and its incredibly rich cultural history. To date, the EBRD has invested over EUR 1 billion inMongoliaand Mr Freeman took the opportunity to express his hopes for even greater future cooperation between Mongolia and the EBRD.

Batbileg Darjaa, some of whose work is inspired by Queen

Mongolian artist Batbileg Darjaa has devoted his latest exhibition to British rock band Queen, who are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year. Some of Batbileg’s work will also feature at Freddie Mercury’s Montreux Memorial Day celebration in Switzerland later this year. Batbileg is also well-known for his decorative hand-woven tapestries whose striking colours and patterns cannot fail to impress. Full story on the Mongolian exhibition: http://mongolianartlondon.wordpress.com

RSVP here: The Magnificent Years: For the 40th Anniversary of “Queen”


8th- 24th June, 2011
Opening reception: Wednesday, 8 June, 2011 at 5:30 pm

RSVP: unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk or ulziia@ebrd.com

Venue: European Bank for f Reconstruction and Development, One Exchange Square, London EC2A 2JN

An exhibition in London dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of ‘Queen’

The Magnificent Years

8th June – 24th June, 2011

Venue: EBRD, One Exchange Square, London EC2A 2JN

Free admissions by appointment only Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:30pm 

Opening reception: Wednesday, 8 June, 2011 at 5:30 pm


EBRD is pleased to host an exhibition dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of “Queen”group by Batbileg Darjaa together with the Mongolian contemporary art exhibition.

 dimension: 80x150cm each and 320x150cm for four paintings

 ‘Never seen anything like them before’ Kash Cooke, Freddie Mercury’s sister

‘Absolutely stunning!’ Jacky Smith, The Official International Queen Fan Club

Wonderful colours and beautiful designs’ Peter Freestone, Freddie’s Former PA

Organised by:

Art Café at Lingua Global (www.linguaglobal.org.uk)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (www.ebrd.com)

RSVP: unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk or ulziia@ebrd.com

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