Queen Honoured With PRS For Music Heritage Plaque At Site Of First London Performance


PRS for Music honours Queen with a Heritage Award
5th March 2013

Press Release: Queen Honoured With PRS For Music Heritage Plaque At Site Of First London Performance


One of the world’s greatest bands was honoured with PRS for Music Heritage Award at Imperial College this afternoon where they first played in London on 18th July 1970.

The black and red plaque was unveiled by PRS Chairman, Guy Fletcher in front of close friends and family including Kashmira Cooke, Freddie Mercury’s sister. Special guests included Rhys Thomas Director and Producer of the popular documentary ‘Queen: Days of our Lives’ shown earlier this year on BBC Four.

Queen wrote 16 number one albums, 18 number one singles and sold over 300 million records. They also remain one of the few bands whose members all penned hit songs. Roger Taylor, who accepted the award this afternoon alongside Brian May, famously wrote Queen’s landmark hits ”Radio Ga Ga” and “A Kind Of Magic” while Brian wrote the anthems, ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘The Show Must Go On’ and ‘I Want It All’.

PRS for Music established the Heritage Award scheme in 2009 to recognise the vital role live music venues play in launching the careers of the UK’s iconic and most influential music talent. Previous recipients include Blur, Elton John, Soul II Soul, UB40, Snow Patrol, Faithless, James, Jethro Tull and Supergrass.

Brian May said: “The first proper gig we did was at Imperial College in the Union Hall. I remember it very distinctly because I’d seen all sorts of people playing in there. I’d been part of the Entertainment Committee and we booked a group every Saturday night in those days. People like Spooky Tooth and Steamhammer! We booked Jimi Hendrix too. So for us it was a dream come true to actually play on that stage. It used to get packed in there so it was a major stepping stone for us.”

Roger Taylor continued: ““Imperial College was effectively our positional and spiritual base and so means a lot to Queen. Many good memories, without it…who knows?”

PRS Chairman, Guy Fletcher commented: “It is a true honour to be here today to recognise some of the best British songwriters this country has ever produced and celebrate with so many friends and family. Days like this make me feel very proud and remind me how lucky I am to work at PRS for Music. In Great Britain, music is what we do best, but Queen took it to a whole other level – they are our heritage.”

Source: http://www.queenonline.com/


” Are you ready?” уран бүтээл, цуглуулгын үзэсгэлэн Эрдэнэт хотод дэлгэгдэнэ / “Are You Ready?” exhibition by Batbileg Darjaa opens in Erdenet

Batbileg Darjaa

Batbileg Darjaa

Та үнэхээр өөрийгөө Рок Попын урсгалыг мэддэг, сонсдог, ойлгодог гэж боддог уу? Хэрэв тийм бол таны мэдлэгийг бататган өргөжүүлж, шинэ залуу үеийхэнд үлгэр дуурайлал болохуйц мэдээлэл, уран бүтээл, сонирхолтой цуглуулгыг агуулсан энэхүү үзэсгэлэнд хүрэлцэн ирэхийг урьж байна. Та ажил хөдөлмөр, уран бүтээлд чинь шинэ санаа, урам зориг, эрч хүчийг өгсөн энэхүү гайхамшигт урланд ирж Рок Попын хөгжилд хувь нэмэр оруулахад бэлэн үү? Энэ бас таны өөрөө өөртөө оруулж буй хөрөнгө оруулалт болно.

 2013 оны 2 дугаар сарын16-ны өдрийн 13:00 цагт Эрдэнэт хотын Галлерейд нээгдэнэ. Саяхан Улаанбаатар хотноо дэлгэгдэж рок, поп хөгжим сонирхогчид, уран бүтээлчид болон фэнүүдийг байлдан дагуулсан уг үзэсгэлэнг энэ удаа Эрдэнэт хотын Засаг даргын алба, Эрдэнэт хотын Ардчилсан холбооноос ивээн тэтгэж байна. “Та бэлэн үү?” уран бүтээл, цуглуулгын үзэсгэлэнд бүтээл нь Лондон хотын төвд орших томоохон театр болох Доминион театрт тавигдаад байгаа Монгол зураач Даржаагийн Батбилэгийн:

  • тосон будаг, туурган хивс, 3Д бүтээл, баримлаас бүрдсэн 20 орчим бүтээл;
  • “British Hit”-д* нийт альбoм нь 50-аас дээш 7 хоногоор жагсаалтад орсон үзүүлэлттэй хамтлаг, дуучдын:

500 орчим альбoм /пянз/

100 орчим сингл /пянз/

50 орчим зурагтай альбoм /пянз/

15 алтан пянз

  • дэлхийн эстрад урлагийн нэрд гарсан хамтлаг, дуучдийн намтар болон хөгжмийн урлагийн төрөл жанруудийн тухай бичигдсэн 200 орчим ном товxимол, гaйд боок (guide book), энциклопедиа;
  • 50 орчим сэтгүүл;
  • 1000м2 талбайд дэлгэгдэх, рок, поп-ийн ертөнцийн амьдралын тухай бичигдсэн сонингийн цуглуулга, мөн
  • дэлхийн эстрадийн урлагийн алдар цуутнуудийн фото /pictures/ хөргүүд постерүүд зэргээс бүрдэх юм.

Альбoм нь тавигдсан бүх хамтлаг дуучдын гарал үүсэл, стиль чиглэл, намтар болон гаргасан бүх альбoмных нь жагсаалт, фото зураг хамт тавигдана.

Үзэсгэлэн дотроо:

The Beatles

Rolling stones


Michael Jackson

Elvis Presley


Lady Gaga гэсэн тодотгол хэсгүүдтэй.

*British Hit Singles & Albums ном нь Бритaнийн болон дэлхийн хөгжмийн томоохон төлөөлөл болдог ба HiT Entertainment-ийн гаргадаг “Guinness World Records” байгууллагаас дэлхийн хөгжмийн Топ 75-д багтсан Английн хит жагсаалтыг бэлтгэн 1952 оноос эхлэн хэвлүүлдэг байв. 2008 оноос эхлэн Virgin компани уг номын эрхийг эзэмших болж The Virgin Book of British Hit Singles нэртэйгээр хэвлүүлдэг болсон.

“Are You Ready?” – Art & Memorabilia exhibition by D. Batileg as of 16 February 2013 in Erdenet, Mongolia.

This is an amazing exhibition of memorabilia and artwork by Batbileg Darjaa, whose wonderful painting on the legendary rock band Queen is presently being hosted at the Dominion Theatre in London.

The following items belonging to Batbileg will be included in the exhibition:

  • over 30 oil paintings of stars, hand-made tapestries, 3D artwork and sculpture;
  • albums and singles of bands and artists, featured in the Top Charts of the British Hit* for over 50 weeks, including:

– 500 vinyl albums,

– 100 vinyl singles,

– 50 vinyl picture albums, an- 15 golden records.

  • over 200 books, guide books and encyclopedia including bios of the most successful pop, rock bands and artists, and the music genres the play;
  • about 50 music magazines;
  • collection of newspapers with the news on life and creative work of pop, rock music world and celebrities to be displayed covering an area of 1000м2;
  • photos, posters and portraits of world-famous pop, rock musicians and celebrities.

Related information on the origin, genre, bio, list of all albums released, and photos of all bands and artists, whose albums are displayed, will be included.

There will be special sections, dedicated to:

The Beatles

Rolling stones


Michael Jackson

Elvis Presley


Lady Gaga etc.

British Hit Singles & Albums: A music reference book published since 1952 in the United Kingdom by HiT Entertainment’s “Guinness World Records”. It listed all the singles and albums featured in the Top 75 Charts in UK. As of 2008, Virgin owned the publishing rights of the book, entitled The Virgin Book of British Hit Singles. (Wikipedia)

Happy 39th birthday to the Queen International Fan Club!

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Freddie Mercury’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Heads To Auction

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Jan 9, 2013
Freddie Mercury's 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow - image: Coys AuctionsFreddie Mercury’s 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow – image: Coys Auctions
Celebrity cars typically command a premium price over those owned by “ordinary” people, and there’s no denying that Freddie Mercury, the former lead singer for Queen, qualified for celebrity status.Though Mercury died in November of 1991, his music lives on along with his reputation for outlandish behavior. Surprisingly, one of the last cars owned by Mercury was an exercise in understated elegance.In 1979, Goose Productions Ltd., Mercury’s management company, purchased a 1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow for the singer’s personal use. The car was owned by Goose Productions and driven by Mercury until the star’s death in 1991. Mercury’s sister then borrowed the car from the estate and has maintained it since.The car was last used for the premier of the “We Will Rock You” musical in 2002, and it comes with an extensive service and history file. It’s got a current MoT, valid through February 2013, so the claims of “good to fine” condition seem legitimate.

Built in versions from 1965 to 1980, the Silver Shadow was the first Rolls-Royce to use a monocoque design, and it featured innovations like (needlessly complex) disc brakes and an independent rear suspension.

While early 1970s Rolls-Royce Silver Shadows aren’t exactly in high demand,Hagarty’s puts the value of a “Condition 2” car at $17,000, and that doesn’t account for celebrity ownership.

Coys Auctions, which will sell the car as part of this weekend’s Autosport International auction, projects a selling price between 9,000 – 11,000 pounds ($14,412 – $17,614). Assuming the car presents as described, we’d call that an impressive bargain for the right collector.

“The Magnificent Years” by Batbileg Darjaa at Dominion Theatre in London

Batbileg Darjaa on Lingua Global website

An exhibition in London dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of ‘Queen’

The Magnificent Years

8th June – 24th June, 2011

Venue: EBRD, One Exchange Square, London EC2A 2JN

Free admissions by appointment only Mon-Fri 9:00am-5:30pm 

Opening reception: Wednesday, 8 June, 2011 at 5:30 pm


EBRD is pleased to host an exhibition dedicated to the 40th Anniversary of “Queen”group by Batbileg Darjaa together with the Mongolian contemporary art exhibition.

 dimension: 80x150cm each and 320x150cm for four paintings

 ‘Never seen anything like them before’ Kash Cooke, Freddie Mercury’s sister

‘Absolutely stunning!’ Jacky Smith, The Official International Queen Fan Club

Wonderful colours and beautiful designs’ Peter Freestone, Freddie’s Former PA

Organised by:

Art Café at Lingua Global (www.linguaglobal.org.uk)

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (www.ebrd.com)

RSVP: unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk or ulziia@ebrd.com

Manager meets Mr Jim Beach

By Unurmaa Janchiv

Unurmaa with Jim Beach

It was an honour to meet Mr. Jim Beach, Manager of the legendary rock band Queen, on 6 September 2010 in Montreux, Switzerland. It will be the 40th Anniversary of Queen next year and Batbileg’s artworks on Queen have been invited by Mr Beach to be displayed at the exhibition next year, dedicated to their early career days. Jim was highly appreciative particularly of Batbileg’s main paintings showing the band members.

Batbileg’s exhibition has also been invited to be displayed at the Art Gallery ‘En Beauregard’ for two weeks during the Freddie Mercury Memorial Day in Montreux, Switzerland, in September 2011, by the team who organise the event: Peter Freestone, Former PA to Freddie Mercury, Norbert and Rita. We really look forward to sharing these amazing artworks with more fans and art lovers!

Big congratualtions to Batbileg!

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