Mongolian artist, Queen fan, Queen fan club, Exibition.

Batbileg Darjaa

My name is Batbileg Darjaa and I am an artist.

I am also a massive fan of Queen, the magnificent pomp rock band, since I was 18 for more than 30 years! I love their songs and I produced something beautiful after working on it for five years. I would like to share it with the fans, whose hearts are close to Queen! I shared my exhibition at the 25th Queen Fan Convention in Great Yarmouth, UK, between 26-29 March 2010. Jacky was so kind to organise it with my Manager Unro and I was so delighted to get excellent feedback from the fans!

We have further plans to exhibit the artworks in London as well as Holland, Switzerland and some other countries on invitations received from the fans all over the world! So, thank you for your kind words and watch this space for future exhibition details.

Contact my Manager Unro at unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk for further enquiries.

Copyright: Batbileg Darjaa

Please send in your images with the artworks to share to unurmaa@linguaglobal.org.uk.


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