Bidding starts as Dominion Theatre in London hosts “The Magnificent Years” by Batbileg as of November 2011 until November 2012

Batbileg’s painting “The Magnificent Years” has been received with huge interest and delight by Freddie fans and the Queen Community both in Montreux, Switzerland and the Dominion Theatre in London, celebrating Freddie’s 65th birthday. We raised some funds for the Mercury Phoenix Trust and made friends with many people and fans. Big thanks to the Freddie Mercury Memorial Day Team and Eve at En Beauregard Gallery and our fellow Swiss artists in Montreux! Our thanks also go to Catherine Simon, who co-organised the fundraising event at the Dominion Theatre, The Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Dominion Theatre & WWRY Management for their support!

Another boost in Batbileg’s life was the news that his paintings will be hosted by the Dominion Theatre in London for a year, where the legendary We Will Rock You show rocks away every night!  Batbileg is very appreciative and would like to thank the Management of the Dominion Theatre, including David Pearson, Mark Satchell, Peter Gibbons and also particularly Maureen Barclay of the Mercury Phoenix Trust, who kindly took the artist’s wish to the Theatre and the WWRY show management! This will mean a lot to the artist . As Catherine Simon, who helped to organise the day in the Dominion Theatre, wrote “Bata’s talent has been widely acknowledged by the Queen Community”.

Long live Queen! Visit WWRY at Dominion Theatre to view these magnificent paintings and bid!

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